tisdag 23 december 2008

Dagens citat

"Takk... employed the same signature elements that has always made Sigur Rós so unique and intriguing - bowed guitars, spatial movements, and Jonsi Birgisson's breathtaking falsetto. However, from the clouds above the glacial peaks, the band emerged with fire in their hands and hearts. They brought the percussion out from underneath the snow to carry rhythms in and out of shoegaze. Guitars drove in hard like hail. Jonsi sang with a fiery vivacity that melted snowcaps and flooded the lakes. From the first track, "Glosoli," you can tell that there was a call to arms."

Better Propaganda utser decenniets bästa album. Sigur Rós "Takk" hamnar på plats 92.

Foto: Yoshika Horita/www.sigur-ros.co.uk