söndag 13 juni 2010

Dagens bonuscitat

"How the pilot thinks he can possibly land his plane in the bay that comes into view as we descend into Ísafjörður is beyond me too. We’re flying into a mountain, for Christ’s sake. Fortunately the pilot notices this: he banks steep to the left, tipping us forty five degrees, and then – wings almost brushing the volcanic rocks to one side – we turn full circle and come in to land on a runway so short any disobedient plane would end up in the ocean. Our Captain must have had plenty of practice, it seems. In fact, I later discover, many pilots have: this landing is considered so extreme it’s used as a flight simulator exercise."

Wyndham Wallace i The Quietus om ett besök på festivalen Aldrei fór ég suður i Ísafjörður.