torsdag 13 december 2012

Dagens citat

"Then out of the door comes this man in a suit and a tie. I run over to him thinking that he’s the manager of the hotel and say, 'Please, listen, is there any way you can open this restaurant or just give me something? Can I just have a ham-and-cheese sandwich?' He looks at me deadpan. Perturbed. He said he didn’t work there and left. When I turned around, the producer of the movie was shocked, her head in her hands. In my desperation I had begged Iceland’s minister of agriculture for a ham-and-cheese sandwich."

Skådespelaren Gerard Butler i Newsweek om inspelningarna av filmen Beowulf & Grendel utanför Höfn - den omtalade ministern var dock i själva verket fiskeminister Árni M. Mathiesen.