tisdag 15 december 2015

Dagens cita

"Though British control of Iceland was critical, Britain could not afford to deploy its troops to hold the island when greater battles loomed elsewhere, beginning with the struggle for North Africa. Holding Iceland depended upon the goodwill of the people of Iceland who never had asked to be invaded by the British. If Britain retained Icelandic goodwill, then Churchill could occupy the island with reserve troops rather than his best fighting forces. This was the strategic situation in which C. S. Lewis was recruited. And his mission was simple: To help win the hearts of the Icelandic people."

Harry Lee Poe skriver i Christianity Today om författaren C.S. Lewis påstådda arbete som hemlig agent för MI6 som bland annat syftade till att göra islänningarna positivt inställda till de brittiska ockupationstrupperna under andra världskriget.