måndag 15 februari 2016

Dagens citat

"It found the assets of the banks and the loans had been extended into a cobweb: firm A owns firm B, which owns firm C and, sometimes firm C owns firm A. There was virtually very little or no equity in those businesses. The operations are entirely dependent on credit from the banks. ... What also came to light was that those who owned these pyramids of corporations were in the ownership of the largest shareholders of the banks themselves. That was very worrisome - we had a financial system that was really opaque. The bankers didn't really know how much equity there was to be matched against the loans they were extending."

Guðrún Johnsen, lektor i ekonomi vid Háskóli Íslands och en av utredarna i den av alltinget tillsatta kriskommissionen, i BBC om vad som framkom i den rapport som var resultatet av kommissionens arbete.