söndag 14 maj 2017

Dagens bonuscitat

"I am not at all concious about what it is that I communicate about my country through my books. I just write them the way I see things. I am not a very good at analysing my own work, actually. What I have found out through the years is that foreign readers tend to have, as you say, an idealistic or naive view of the country. We do have all kinds of crime here involving drugs, rape and human trafficking, and very sadly a murder every now and then – every one of these crimes is very painful in such a small community. I have often said that I don‘t write for the travel agencies, I don‘t try to colour Iceland and Reykjavík in bright colours. I write what I see and hear and feel, and first and foremost I write only for my Icelandic readership, the Icelandic reader. This has always been the case. I have no idea of how to write for the English speaking world. I imagine there would be a horrible outcome."

Arnaldur Indriðason i Crime Fiction Lover om sitt författarskap.