lördag 28 juni 2008

Dagens citat

"We need to rid ourselves of this feeling of inferiority. This feeling that we are not as good as people in other countries. We are like a child that is desperate for everyone's friendship. We are on our knees. That means we are in a very unhealthy and abusive cooperation with these companies. My theory is that if you are strong, secure and independent, then you are much more qualified to be in cooperation. Then you are in cooperation on equal grounds. If you are strong, secure and independent, you can cooperate with aliens and still be very Icelandic. When you are insecure and desperate... the same rules apply in a relationship between nations and corporations as between two friends."

Björk om Islands attityd till utländska investerare i senaste numret av The Reykjavík Grapevine som du kan ladda ned här.

Foto: Warren du Preez och Nick Thornton-Jones/www.bjork.com