tisdag 2 februari 2010

Dagens bonuscitat

"The challenge for Iceland today is to reopen the US base. It would no longer have a military function but could be an ideal solution to President Barack Obama's problem of where to place the Guantánamo prisoners. The US has offered Palau $200m to accept 13 prisoners. Bermuda accepted a few to protect its status as a tax haven. The US could show its appreciation to Reykjavik for hosting prisoners by allowing its banks to join the troubled asset relief programme. The US Treasury could cover the cost of repaying Iceland's retail deposits in the UK and the Netherlands with just one-half of the profit it made on its Goldman Sachs shares. As the prisoners come primarily from Afghanistan, they would probably prefer Iceland's cooler climate to the tropical heat of Cuba."

David Hale, ordförande för Global Economics, föreslår i Financial Times att fångarna på Guantánamo-basen flyttas till Keflavík - i utbyte får Island pengar öronmärkta för Icesave-avtalet.