torsdag 15 april 2010

Dagens bonuscitat

"In a land littered with volcanic wonders, Askja is a gem. Isolated in Iceland’s remote Central Highlands, in the shadow of the immense Vatnajökull ice cap, it’s a hard place to reach. You’ll need off -road driving skills and nerves of steel to ford the daunting glacial rivers, but it’s worth the effort. Following a huge eruption in 1875 the volcano’s caldera collapsed and filled with water. The resulting lake, Öskjuvatn, is Iceland’s deepest at 220m. But nearby Viti is the main attraction. Intrepid visitors scramble into the steep crater to soak in soothing geothermal waters – bathing suits are strictly optional."

Lonely Planet anser att vulkansjön Víti vid Askja är världens näst bästa plats för nakenbad.