söndag 9 maj 2010

Dagens bonuscitat

"In the media, the volcanic ash has sometimes been treated as a natural catastrophe, sometimes as a meteorological phenomenon; sometimes it has been said to concern the economy (that is, the financial loss of the airline companies or of those who rely on air transport, such as the flower growers in Kenya). At other times the focus has been on the disruption of social life and the plight of passengers stranded abroad for days, even weeks. The main argument in favour of the closure of airspace over Europe was the danger that the volcanic dust posed to planes' engines; the main argument against was the financial loss this closure entailed for the airlines and the wider economy."

Slavoj Žižek i New Statesman om konsekvenserna av vulkanutbrottet vid Eyjafjallajökull.

Foto: Landhelgisgæsla Íslands