onsdag 27 juli 2011

Dagens bonuscitat

"Free movement of assets and liquidity among members of a financial group without the consent of the host supervisor could end in tears. Savers in one country may find out in bad times that their deposits are not covered by worthwhile assets and liquidity, as these have already been used to help the parent bank or other members of a pan-European financial conglomerate. This increases the risk of contagion between financial systems in the EU and accelerates that contagion. Moreover, we are creating a risk of multiple repetitions of cases such as Icesave, with national taxpayers bailing out their nation’s savers outside the agreed rules."

Mojmír Hampl och Vladimír Tomšík, som ingår i ledningen för den tjeckiska centralbanken, skriver i Financial Times att EU:s stresstest för banker missar målet och inte förebygger en ny tvist liknande Icesave.