söndag 6 november 2016

Dagens citat

"Being the first non-English writer from a language spoken by few – that’s what we call it here – for me of course I really have to face the question of language. ... We will see. I feel a duty to write in that language and not English. ... I’ve already started thinking about this and rolling it around in my mind. I still haven’t decided what kind of text I will write. ... I don’t know if it will be a big work or a small work. Katie says it’s completely up to me if it’s a one-word piece or a novella or a single poem. That’s also part of the game. But if you do that, is it because you don’t want to risk saying more, or because it’s all you have to say? We’ll see."

Sjón i The Guardian om sin medverkan i konstnären Katie Patersons projekt Future Library där hundra manuskript ska grävas ned i en norsk skog där hon planterat tusen träd för att grävas upp 2114 och tryckas på papper just av dessa träd.

Foto: Johannes Jonsson/Norden.org